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Simdega District Hosts First-Ever Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela

For the first time, the district of Simdega in Jharkhand is hosting the Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela, a national-level agricultural science fair. The event, organized by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa (New Delhi), is being held at the Albert Ekka Stadium from March 10th to 12th, marking a significant stride towards realizing the vision of a prosperous farmer community.

Promoting Modern Agricultural Techniques

The mela aims to encourage the adoption of modern agricultural techniques and entrepreneurship among farmers. Union Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda emphasized the government’s focus on increasing farmers’ incomes through these practices.

Participation of Agricultural Experts

Over 40 agricultural scientists from across India are participating in the event, sharing their insights on improved crop cultivation methods. The fair serves as a crucial platform for farmers to learn about cutting-edge agricultural practices that can significantly uplift their livelihoods.

Initiatives for Farmer Empowerment

  • Selected farmers were awarded solar pump sets by the Welfare Department, highlighting efforts to modernize farming in Jharkhand.
  • Agricultural universities, institutes, and science centers are showcasing new technologies aimed at promoting agricultural entrepreneurship and prosperity.
  • Farmers have the opportunity to learn about advanced agriculture and horticulture techniques to boost productivity, with 1000 farmers receiving training daily.

Showcasing Agricultural Advancements

The Pusa Agricultural Science Fair features 50 informative stalls, aimed at educating farmers on governmental schemes and agricultural advancements. The fair focuses on vital themes like value addition and crop diversification, designed to enhance agricultural entrepreneurship among farmers.

Cultural Significance

In a traditional ceremony, dignitaries including Arjun Munda were welcomed, underlining the cultural significance of the event and its role in promoting sustainable agricultural growth in the region.

The Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela in Simdega marks a significant milestone in the district’s efforts to empower local farmers and promote agricultural prosperity. By bringing together agricultural experts, showcasing modern techniques, and providing training opportunities, the event aims to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the broader national agenda of augmenting farmer incomes and ensuring agricultural sustainability.

Important takeaways for all Competitive Exam:

  • Jharkhand Chief minister: Champai Soren;
  • Jharkhand Capital: Ranchi;
  • Jharkhand Founded: 15 November 2000;
  • Jharkhand Bird: Koel;
  • Jharkhand Flower: Palash.

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