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Smallest City in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, located in the northern part of India, holds the distinction of being the most populous state in the country. As of the 2011 census, the population of Uttar Pradesh was recorded at a staggering 199,812,341, making it the most densely populated state in India. Additionally, Uttar Pradesh boasts the highest number of districts among all states in India, each with its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the others.

Diverse Cities in Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh is home to a multitude of cities, each with its own blend of urban and rural populations. These cities vary in size and population, with each contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the state. From bustling urban centers to quaint rural towns, Uttar Pradesh showcases the diversity of its inhabitants and their way of life.

Largest and Smallest District of Uttar Pradesh

Among the numerous districts in Uttar Pradesh, Lakhimpur Kheri stands out as the largest district, spanning an area of 7,680 square kilometers. On the other hand, Hapur holds the distinction of being the smallest district, covering an area of 660 square kilometers.

Districts in Four Directions

Uttar Pradesh is geographically diverse, with districts spanning across all four directions. While Ballia represents the easternmost district, Saharanpur holds the title of the northernmost district. Sonbhadra is situated in the southernmost part of the state, while Shamli is positioned in the westernmost part.

Smallest City in Uttar Pradesh

Among the plethora of cities spread across Uttar Pradesh, Kasganj holds the title of the smallest city in the state. In the 2011 census, Kasganj recorded a population of 101,241, making it the city with the lowest population compared to other cities in the state. Thus, Kasganj is officially recognized as the smallest city in Uttar Pradesh.

Kagang – The Smallest City of Uttar Pradesh

Kasganj, nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Uttar Pradesh, embodies the essence of a small but thriving urban center. With its unique charm and distinct identity, Kasganj stands as a testament to the rich heritage and traditions of Uttar Pradesh. Despite its modest size, Kasganj plays a significant role in the socioeconomic landscape of the state.

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