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Smallest District in Gujarat, Know the District Name

Gujarat, a vibrant state in western India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and diverse landscapes. Amidst the vast expanse of this dynamic state lies a petite gem – the smallest district that often goes unnoticed on the map. In this article, we embark on a journey to discover the charm and uniqueness of Gujarat’s tiniest district.

Smallest District in Gujarat, Name

Dang district, situated in the southeastern part of the state of Gujarat, holds a unique position as the smallest district in the region. With its administrative headquarters located in Ahwa, this district encompasses an area of 1,764 km² and had a population of 228,291 as of the 2011 census, making it the least populous among Gujarat’s 33 districts.

Smallest District of Gujarat – Demographics and Population

Dang district, as of the 2011 census, has a population of 228,291, making it the least populous among Gujarat’s 33 districts. Approximately 94% of the population belongs to scheduled tribes. The district exhibits a diverse religious landscape, with Hinduism being the predominant faith, followed by Christianity, Islam, and other religions.

Historical Significance of Gujarat’s Smallest District

The origin of the name “Dang” remains uncertain, though it is commonly associated with hilly villages or bamboo forests. According to Hindu mythology, Dang is linked to the Dandakaranya region mentioned in the Ramayana, through which Lord Rama is said to have passed during his exile.

King of Dang

Dang boasts a unique historical legacy with its five Royal Bhil Kings, who are the only hereditary rulers in India. These kings have played pivotal roles in the region’s history, engaging in conflicts with the British before eventually reaching agreements, such as the treaty of 1842, which allowed the kings certain privileges and political pensions.

Smallest District in Gujarat – Economy and Development

Despite its historical significance, Dang faces economic challenges and is recognized as one of India’s economically distressed districts. However, efforts are underway to address these issues, including government initiatives such as the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF) aimed at supporting the district’s development.

Culture and Language of Dang, Gujarat’s Smallest District

Dang’s cultural landscape is rich and diverse, reflected in its linguistic diversity. The primary languages spoken include Dangi, Gujarati, Gamit, Marathi, and Hindi, with Dangi being the most prevalent among the population.

Smallest District in Gujarat – Ecology and Wildlife

Dang district is home to diverse ecosystems, including forests and wildlife sanctuaries. The Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and Vansda National Park are notable conservation areas within the district, harboring a variety of flora and fauna, including endangered species.

Administrative Divisions and Geography of Dang

Dang district is subdivided into talukas, including Subir, Waghai, and Ahwa, each with its own distinct features and attractions. The district is traversed by several rivers, including the Purna, Ambika, Gira, Khapri, and Dhodad rivers, contributing to its ecological richness.

Himachal Pradesh State At a Glance

  • Country: India
  • Region: West India
  • Formation: 1 May 1960 (by bifurcation)
  • Capital: Gandhinagar
  • Largest city: Ahmedabad
  • Largest metro: Ahmedabad
  • Districts: 33
  • Government: Government of Gujarat
  • Governor: Acharya Devvrat
  • Chief minister: Bhupendrabhai Patel (BJP)
  • State Legislature: Unicameral
  • Assembly: Gujarat Legislative Assembly (182 seats)
  • National Parliament: Parliament of India
  • Rajya Sabha seats: 11
  • Lok Sabha seats: 26
  • High Court: Gujarat High Court
  • Total Area: 196,024 km2 (75,685 sq mi) (5th rank)
  • Length: 590 km (370 mi)
  • Width: 500 km (300 mi)
  • Elevation: 137 m (449 ft)
  • Population (2011): 60,439,692 (9th rank)
  • Population Density: 308/km2 (800/sq mi)
  • Urban Population: 42.6%
  • Rural Population: 57.4%
  • Demonym: Gujarati
  • Official Languages: Gujarati, Hindi
  • Official Scripts: Gujarati script, Devanagari script
  • Literacy Rate (2011): 78.03% (17th rank)
  • Sex ratio (2011): 919 females per 1000 males (16th rank)

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Which is the smallest district in Gujarat?

Dang district, situated in the southeastern part of the state of Gujarat, holds a unique position as the smallest district in the region.

Which is the area of smallest district in Gujarat, Dang?

Dang district of Gujarat encompasses an area of 1,764 km².

What is the population of the Dang, the smallest district in Gujarat?

Dang district, as of the 2011 census, has a population of 228,291, making it the least populous among Gujarat's 33 districts.

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