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Southwest Monsoon to Reach Kerala Around May 31

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted that the annual southwest monsoon is likely to reach Kerala around May 31, marking the onset of the rainy season in the region. This announcement comes amidst anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the monsoon across the country.

Timing of Monsoon Arrival

According to Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the weather department, the expected arrival date of the southwest monsoon in Kerala is close to the normal date and is not considered early. The variability in the onset of the monsoon in Kerala has been observed over the past 150 years, with the onset in 2023 recorded on June 8.

Above-Normal Rainfall Prediction

In April, the India Meteorological Department made a significant prediction of above-normal rainfall for the upcoming monsoon season. This marks the first time in nearly a decade that the weather agency has forecasted “above normal” rainfall in its long-range forecast. The department expects the country to receive 106% of the long period average rainfall, which is the mean rainfall during the four-month monsoon season over the last 50 years.

Monsoon Season Overview

The southwest monsoon season typically begins in June and continues until September, encompassing the major part of India’s annual rainfall. The monsoon’s onset and retreat play a crucial role in agriculture, water resources, and overall economic activities in the country.

Implications for Agriculture and Water Management

The timely onset and anticipated above-normal rainfall during the southwest monsoon season bode well for agricultural activities and water management initiatives across India. Adequate rainfall is crucial for crop cultivation, replenishing water reservoirs, and sustaining ecosystems. Farmers and policymakers will closely monitor the progression of the monsoon to optimize agricultural planning and resource allocation.

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