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STPI Launches LEAP AHEAD Initiative For Startups to get Access to Investment, Mentorship & Global Connect


The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Meity) Secretary, Shri S Krishnan, recently launched the LEAP AHEAD initiative, a collaborative effort between the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Delhi-NCR. This initiative aims to support and accelerate the success of tech startups in India, particularly those in the scaling stage, growth stage, product diversification or planning expansion into new geographical locations. With funding support of up to Rs.1 Crore and a comprehensive three-month mentorship program, this initiative is set to be a game-changer for the Indian startup ecosystem.

A Boost for Tech Startups

The LEAP AHEAD initiative is a significant is a significant boost for tech startups in India, providing them with the financial and knowledge support needed to succeed in a competitive market. With access to funding and mentorship, startups can now more effectively establish themselves and expand their businesses.

Mentorship and Investment

One of the key pillars of this initiative is mentorship. Startups will have the opportunity to benefit from seasoned investors and industry experts through one-on-one mentorship sessions. This guidance will help them navigate challenges, make informed decisions and unlock their full potential. In addition to mentorship, the initiative also focuses on co-investment, allowing startups to secure the financial resources they need to grow.

Fostering Entrepreneurship in India

India has evolved from being known primarily as a Business Process Outscoring (BPO) destination to a global capability and research and development center. The LEAP AHEAD initiative recognizes the entrepreneurial potential in India and aims to tap into it by supporting startups. It also encourages participation from smaller cities and aims to empower women and individuals from tier 2/3 cities to become entrepreneurs.

Nationwide Reach

The LEAP AHEAD initiative is not limited to Delhi-NCR. It plans to expand its reach by organizing startups summits in cities like Bhuabaneshwar, Vijyawada and Chandigarh. This expansion ensures that startups from different parts of the country can benefit from the program and contribute to India’s entrepreneurial growth.

Unlocking Startup Potential

The LEAP AHEAD initiative is designed to help startups establish a product-market fit, identify target customer segments, develop growth strategies, ensure business compliance, recruit leadership talent and secure funding. By nurturing startups and fostering entrepreneurial brilliance, this program aims to unlock the full potential of Indian startups.

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