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Tallest Woman in the World, Know her Name

Tallest Woman in the World

Rumeysa Gelgi, born on 1st January 1997, is an exceptional individual from Turkey known for her remarkable accomplishments as an advocate, researcher and front-end developer. She has garnered global acclaim, not only for being recognized as the tallest woman in the world but also for her impressive achievements in the face of significant life hurdles. Her narrative is not solely about her extraordinary stature but also about her unwavering resolve and resilience in the midst of adversity.

The Record-Breaking Achievements

Rumeysa Gelgi boasts an astonishing height of 215.16 cm (7 ft. 0.71 in.), which earned her the title of the tallest woman in the world. Additionally, she holds records for having the largest hands and largest fingers among females. Her accomplishments don’t stop there; she also holds the title for the longest back among females. Previously, she was recognized as the tallest living teenager by Guinness World Records. These achievements are an evident to her uniqueness.

A Life of Challenges

Gelgi’s daily life is marked by the challenges of her unique condition. She resides in the Karabuk province of Turkey and primarily relies on a wheelchair for mobility. However, she can walk for short periods with the assistance of a walker. Due to her condition, she cannot comfortably sit in seats that are less than 50-55 cm wide.

A Voice for the Uncommon

Despite the hurdles she faces, Gelgi has made it her mission to raise awareness about rare diseases and conditions, including her own. She uses her unique position as the “Tallest Woman in the World” to shed light on the often-overlooked challenges faced by individuals with rare medical conditions.

A Milestone Journey

On 8th November 2022, Rumeysa Gelgi achieved a personal milestone when she took her first flight on an airplane. This monumental journey was made possible by Turkish Airlines, which removed six chair rows from one of their planes to accommodate her trip from Istanbul to San Francisco, California, USA. The event garnered significant media attention, highlighting Gelgi’s determination and the airline’s commitment to inclusivity.

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Who is the tallest woman in the world?

Rumeysa Gelgi boasts an astonishing height of 215.16 cm (7 ft. 0.71 in.), which earned her the title of the tallest woman in the world.

Name the top-5 tallest women in the world.

The top-5 tallest women in the world are: Rumeysa Gelgi, Siddiqa Parveen, Sun Fang, Uljana Semjonova and Elisany Silva.

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