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Top-10 Countries with Most Nobel Prize Winners 2024

The Nobel Prize, established by Alfred Nobel in 1895, honors individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions in various fields, including Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economic Sciences. Over the years, numerous countries have produced remarkable laureates, contributing significantly to human knowledge and progress. Let’s explore the top 10 countries with the most Nobel Prize winners in 2024.

An Overview Of Nobel Prize

Established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel Prizes honor those who benefit humanity in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economic Sciences. Administered by the Nobel Foundation, they are esteemed as the most prestigious awards in their respective fields. Awarded annually, recipients, or laureates, receive a gold medal, diploma, and monetary prize. Since 1901, 609 awards have been given to 975 individuals and 25 organizations, with some receiving multiple prizes.

Top-10 Countries with Most Nobel Prize Winners 2024

In 2023, the Nobel Prize welcomed 10 new recipients, joining the illustrious group of 965 individuals and 27 organizations honored since its establishment in 1901. These distinguished names now share in the prestigious legacy of the prize.

Here is the list of top-10 countries with most Nobel Prize winners 2024:

Top-10 Countries with Most Nobel Prize Winners 2024
Rank Country Nobel Prize Winners
1. United States 413
2. United Kingdom 138
3. Germany 115
4. France 76
5. Sweden 34
6. Russia 30
7. Japan 29
8. Canada 27
9. Austria 25
10. Switzerland 25

Important Facts Related to Nobel Prize Winners

Here are some important facts related to Nobel Prize and its winners:

  • Malala Yousafzai received the Nobel Peace Prize at 17 in 2014, showcasing remarkable courage.
  • John B. Goodenough earned the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at 97 in 2019, symbolizing lifelong dedication.
  • Linus Pauling claimed both the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962, a rare feat.
  • Marie Curie, International Committee of the Red Cross, John Bardeen, Frederick Sanger, UNHCR, and Karl Barry Sharpless were honored with Nobel Prizes multiple times, leaving enduring legacies.
  • Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Dag Hammarskjöld, and Ralph M. Steinman received posthumous recognition for their contributions in literature, peace, and medicine, respectively.

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