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Trinetra App 2.0 to Transform Policing in UP

The Uttar Pradesh police force is set to adopt the advanced Trinetra app 2.0, a cutting-edge digital platform that promises to revolutionize crime prevention and investigation in the state.

Digitized Criminal Records for Swift Identification

With over 9.32 lakh criminal records digitized within the Trinetra database, frontline officers will now have the capability to swiftly identify suspects during security checks.

The integration of this innovative app will expedite access to crucial information, enhancing operational efficiency, according to UP DGP Prashant Kumar.

Comprehensive Crime Data at Officers’ Fingertips

The Trinetra app 2.0 offers seamless accessibility via Android and iOS mobile applications. Police personnel can input and access comprehensive crime-related information, including:

  • Crime histories
  • FIR details
  • Interrogation reports
  • Audio recordings
  • Photographs
  • Rewards
  • Incarceration details
  • Seizure records

Facial and Voice Recognition for Suspect Identification

The app empowers law enforcement with facial recognition capabilities, enabling swift identification of suspects based on photographic data.

Leveraging audio-based search functionality, Trinetra 2.0 can also identify criminals based on voice samples, which will be particularly beneficial in cybercrime cases where only the criminal’s voice is available.

Crime GPT for Streamlined Investigations

The Crime GPT feature enables instant access to comprehensive information regarding criminals and criminal activities, streamlining investigative processes.

Trinetra 2.0 also facilitates the inclusion of seizure details and related documentation, allowing for in-depth analysis through the Crime GPT feature.

QR Codes for Seized Goods and Missing Persons Search

State police stations can generate QR codes for seized goods, simplifying the retrieval of pertinent information regarding confiscated items.

The app also facilitates the search for missing individuals through photograph linking and facial recognition technology, bolstering efforts to locate and reunite missing persons with their families.

Empowering Law Enforcement with Advanced Technology

With its comprehensive features and integration of cutting-edge technologies like facial and voice recognition, the Trinetra app 2.0 aims to empower law enforcement in UP with advanced tools for efficient crime prevention, investigation, and public safety.

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