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Tripura sets up the India’s first Bio-Villages

Tripura becomes the first state in India to have the first modified bio-village. The Daspara village of Tripura is converted into a nature-based lifestyle and livelihood and reduced the use of chemical fertilizers. Dasapara is a home for 64 families which depends on agriculture and fishery. Daspara is one of the five successful bio-village 2.0 conceptualized in Tripura after the BJP came into power and adopted the Climate change mitigation endeavor of Prime minister Narendra Modi.

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Key Points Related to India’s first Bio-Villages

  • Tripura Government has aimed to set up a total of 100 bio villages in the state.
  • 10 bio villages are completed, and the first bio village has been set up at Dasapara in Charilam constituency of Sepahijala district.
  • The bio village project aims to provide sustainable livelihood and food security to ensure holistic socio-economic development among rural communities.
  • The project supports the development of solar-powered agricultural equipment, energy-saving electrical devices, biogas, and biofertilizers at the local level.
  • The main objective of the project is to promote green technology like solar water pumps, biomass cook stoves, and biogas plants for sustainable production of agricultural and allied sector-related products.

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