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Tushar Mehta reappointed as Solicitor General of India


Tushar Mehta, the incumbent Solicitor General of India, has been reappointed for a three-year term by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC). Mehta’s reappointment, along with six other law officers, was announced after their previous terms in the Supreme Court concluded. The ACC’s decision reflects the government’s trust in their capabilities to handle the extensive legal matters faced by the country.

Extension of Term for Additional Solicitor Generals

In addition to Tushar Mehta, six other law officers have been granted extensions as Additional Solicitor Generals (ASGs) in the Supreme Court, however their duration of terms are yet to be issued. These ASGs include Vikramjeet Banerjee, KM Nataraj, Balbir Singh, Suryaprakash V Raju, N Venkatraman, and Aishwarya Bhati. The ACC’s decision to extend their terms underscores the importance of their expertise and contributions to the defense of the government’s interests in complex legal matters.

Solicitor General’s Role

As the highest law officer in the country after the Attorney General, the Solicitor General plays a crucial role in representing the government’s interests in various legal matters. Tushar Mehta has been serving as the Solicitor General since October 2018, and his reappointment demonstrates the government’s satisfaction with his performance during his tenure. The office of the Solicitor General handles a significant portion of the central government’s litigation across the country, making it a vital position in the legal system.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) was formed on January 26, 1950.
  • Union Minister for ACC is Amit Shah.
  • Narendra Modi is the Chairperson of ACC.
  • Solicitor General is the second-highest law officer of the country.
  • R. Venkataramani is the current Attorney General for India.

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