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U19 Cricket World Cup Winners List (1988 to 2024)

The Under-19 Cricket World Cup, organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), is a prestigious tournament that showcases the future stars of international cricket. Since its inception in 1988, the tournament has been a biennial event, bringing together the world’s best young talent. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the winners from 1988 to 2024.

Under-19 Cricket World Cup, Introduction

The Under-19 Cricket World Cup began in 1988 as the Youth World Cup and has since evolved into a significant platform for emerging cricketers. Initially starting with eight teams, it expanded to 16 teams in 1998 and has continued in this format. The tournament has witnessed the rise of many future cricketing legends and is crucial in shaping the careers of young players.

U19 Cricket World Cup Winners List (1988 to 2024)

The following table lists the winners and runners-up of the U19 Cricket World Cup from 1988 to 2024:

Year Winner Runner-Up Host Country
1988 Australia Pakistan Australia
1998 England New Zealand South Africa
2000 India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2002 Australia South Africa New Zealand
2004 Pakistan West Indies Bangladesh
2006 Pakistan India Sri Lanka
2008 India South Africa Malaysia
2010 Australia Pakistan New Zealand
2012 India Australia Australia
2014 South Africa Pakistan UAE
2016 West Indies India Bangladesh
2018 India Australia New Zealand
2020 Bangladesh India South Africa
2022 India England West Indies
2024 To be decided To be decided South Africa

Under-19 Cricket World Cup, Highlights and Key Facts

  • The dominance of India: India has been the most successful team in the U19 World Cup, with five titles to their name (2000, 2008, 2012, 2018, 2022).
  • Australia’s Strong Start: Australia won the inaugural tournament in 1988 and has secured three titles in total.
  • Notable Winners: Other winners include Pakistan (2004, 2006), South Africa (2014), West Indies (2016), and Bangladesh (2020).
  • Key Players: Many prominent players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, Joe Root, and Babar Azam have emerged from the U-19 circuit.
  • Format: The tournament has been a 16-nation event, held every two years, featuring a 50-over format.

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When did the Under-19 Cricket World Cup begin?

The tournament began in 1988 as the Youth World Cup and has been held biennially since then.

How has the format of the tournament evolved over the years?

Initially starting with eight teams, the tournament expanded to include 16 teams from 1998 onwards. This format has been maintained, providing a comprehensive competition for young talents.

What is the tournament's format, and how often is it held?

The tournament follows a 16-nation format, held every two years, featuring a 50-over format. This structure ensures a comprehensive and competitive platform for young cricketers.