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UK Appoints Jane Marriott As First Woman Envoy To Pakistan


UK Appoints Jane Marriott As First Woman Envoy To Pakistan

The United Kingdom has announced the appointment of senior diplomat Jane Marriott as the next British High Commissioner to Pakistan, making her the first female British envoy to Islamabad. Prior to this appointment, Jane Marriott, 47, was the high commissioner to Kenya since September 2019. She would be replacing Dr Christian Turner, who left Pakistan in January after serving as the envoy since December 2019. Ms Marriott brings a wealth of thematic and regional experience to her new role having joined the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in 2001, following roles in the Cabinet Office and Home Office.

Why Jane Marriott  appoints?

  • The appointment of a female British High Commissioner to Pakistan is a significant milestone. It is a sign of the UK’s commitment to gender equality and to strengthening its relationship with Pakistan.
  • Marriott is a well-respected diplomat with a wealth of experience. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and has worked to promote gender equality in her previous roles.
  • Her appointment is a welcome development and is a sign of the UK’s commitment to working with Pakistan to build a more prosperous and inclusive future for both countries.

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Here are some of the challenges that Marriott will face in her new role:

  • Terrorism: Pakistan is a major battleground in the fight against terrorism. The UK has been a key supporter of Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism, but the threat remains a major challenge.
  • Economic instability: Pakistan’s economy is facing a number of challenges, including high inflation, low growth, and a large current account deficit. The UK can help Pakistan to address these challenges and to promote economic growth.
  • Human rights: Pakistan has a poor human rights record. The UK can use its influence to promote human rights in Pakistan, including the rights of women and minorities.

Marriott is a capable diplomat with a strong track record. She is well-equipped to address the challenges facing Pakistan and to strengthen the UK-Pakistan relationship.

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