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Ukraine Unveils AI-Powered Digital Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry

In a groundbreaking move that combines cutting-edge technology with diplomacy, Ukraine has unveiled an AI-generated spokesperson, named Victoria Shi, to deliver official statements from its foreign ministry. This significant technological leap in diplomatic communication has captured global attention.

Meet Victoria Shi: The Digital Diplomat

During a social media presentation, Victoria Shi made her debut, appearing dressed in a dark suit and displaying human-like gestures and speech. Despite her AI-powered appearance, the Ukrainian foreign ministry has assured that the content of Shi’s statements will be crafted and verified by human staff, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Enhancing Efficiency and Saving Resources

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba highlighted that the introduction of a digital spokesperson is aimed at saving time and resources, allowing diplomats to focus on other crucial aspects of their work. By leveraging AI technology, Ukraine hopes to streamline its communication processes while maintaining transparency and authenticity.

A Unique Collaboration: AI and Human Expertise

The spokesperson’s name, Victoria Shi, is a combination of the words “victory” and the Ukrainian phrase for artificial intelligence, “shtuchniy intelekt.” She was developed by the Game Changers team, renowned for their virtual-reality content related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Notably, Shi’s appearance and voice are modeled after Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s version of “The Bachelor,” hailing from the now Russian-controlled city of Donetsk.

Ensuring Authenticity and Preventing Misinformation

To prevent the spread of misinformation and ensure the authenticity of Shi’s statements, the foreign ministry will accompany each presentation with a QR code. This code will link to text versions of the statements on the ministry’s official website, providing an additional layer of verification.

Addressing Critical Issues

Victoria Shi is set to address various issues, including consular services, which have recently become a contentious topic in Ukraine. The country suspended such services last week for men of fighting age living abroad, requiring them to return to Ukraine for administrative procedures and potentially face the draft.

Pioneering a New Era in Diplomatic Communication

Ukraine’s initiative to integrate an AI-powered digital spokesperson into its foreign ministry operations is a first-of-its-kind endeavor globally. By embracing advanced AI capabilities, Ukraine is not only enhancing its communication efficiency but also setting a precedent for how technology can be harnessed in governmental operations on a global scale.

As the world watches this innovative approach unfold, Ukraine’s bold step towards leveraging AI in diplomacy could pave the way for other nations to explore similar avenues, ushering in a new era of technological integration in diplomatic services.

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