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“Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril” Scheme Launched in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu government, under the leadership of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, has taken a significant step towards improving public service delivery and expediting the implementation of various schemes through the launch of the “Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril” (Bringing Services to Your Doorstep) scheme. This innovative initiative aims to bridge the gap between the government and the public by ensuring that the benefits of various schemes reach the grassroots level.

Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril Scheme Overview

“Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril” is designed to enhance the efficiency and transparency of service delivery in the state. Under this scheme, Collectors and senior district-level officials are mandated to spend 24 hours in one taluk on the fourth Wednesday of every month. This dedicated time will be utilized to review the functioning of various projects, inspect infrastructure, and directly engage with the public to understand their needs and grievances.

Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril Scheme Implementation Strategy

The guidelines for the scheme outline a structured approach for the officials’ visits:

  • Morning Inspections: The forenoon will be dedicated to inspecting primary health centres, ration shops, cooperative societies, schools, and government offices among others, with officials divided into teams to cover the maximum number of places.
  • Review Meetings: Between 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m., a review meeting will be conducted to discuss feedback and observations from the morning inspections.
  • Public Interactions: A significant window from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. is allocated for interactions with the public, allowing them to present their representations and grievances.
  • Pre-Visit Preparations: A week before the scheduled visit, a team of officials from different departments will be sent to all firkas in the taluk to collect representations from the public, ensuring that the community’s concerns are heard and addressed.
  • Evening Schedule: Post 6 p.m., the focus shifts to facilities run by the Social Welfare Department, bus stands, and public toilets, among others.
  • Next-Day Activities: The following morning, officials will inspect villages to review basic civic amenities and the implementation of the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme before returning to the headquarters.

Ensuring Coverage and Publicity

To ensure the scheme’s success and uniform coverage across districts, Collectors are instructed to prepare an annual calendar. Additionally, adequate publicity measures are to be taken to maximize public participation, allowing individuals to air their grievances and receive timely redressal.

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