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UP govt approves two thermal power projects with NTPC

The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet has given its approval for the construction of two “Obra D” thermal power projects in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. These projects, with a capacity of 800MW each, aim to address the rising power demand and provide cheaper electricity to the people of the state. The power plants will be built using ultra-supercritical technology, which offers high efficiency and reduced coal consumption. The projects will be executed in collaboration with the central government-owned power generator NTPC.

Enhancing Power Generation Capacity

The two thermal power projects in Sonbhadra’s Obra district will significantly enhance Uttar Pradesh’s power generation capacity. With each plant having a capacity of 800MW, the combined power generation capacity will increase by 1,600MW. The implementation of these projects is expected to contribute approximately 25% to the current thermal power generation capacity of the state, which currently stands at about 7,000MW.

Ultra-Supercritical Technology

The Obra D thermal power projects will be the first of their kind in the state, utilizing ultra-supercritical technology. This advanced technology operates at temperatures and pressures above the critical point of water, resulting in higher efficiency and reduced coal consumption for the same amount of power generation. By adopting state-of-the-art technology, the projects aim to optimize power production and minimize costs.

Timeline and Implementation

The construction of the two thermal power projects in Sonbhadra’s Obra district is estimated to be completed in a span of 50 months for the first unit and 56 months for the second unit. The government has already allocated 500 acres of land for the projects, with the possibility of additional land allotment if required. The Uttar Pradesh government, in partnership with NTPC, will execute the projects on a 50:50 basis. While 30% of the equity will be provided for project implementation, the remaining 70% will be sourced from financial institutions.

Power Hubs of the Country

The decision to establish power plants in Obra and Anpara regions as power hubs of the country stems from the aim to meet the growing energy demands in Uttar Pradesh. During the peak summer season, the power demand in the state reached a record high of 27,000MW, emphasizing the need for increased power generation capacity. By developing these power projects, the state government seeks to ensure a stable and reliable power supply to meet the rising demands of industries, businesses, and households.

Key takeaways for competitive examination

  • Chairman & Managing Director of National Thermal Power Corporation: Gurdeep Singh

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