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UP Leads In Vehicle Sales Oct-Dec 2023; Maharashtra Follows: SIAM Report

In the dynamic landscape of India’s automobile industry, the latest data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) for October-December 2023 reveals intriguing trends. Uttar Pradesh emerges as the frontrunner in vehicle sales during this period, with Maharashtra closely trailing behind.

Uttar Pradesh: The Leader Across Categories

  • Total sales of 8,22,472 units across various categories.
  • Top performer in the three-wheeler segment with 23,859 units sold.
  • Dominates the two-wheeler market with 6,73,962 units sold.

Maharashtra: A Strong Contender

  • Secures the second position with 6,88,192 units sold.
  • Leads in passenger vehicle sales with 1,21,030 units sold.

Gujarat and Tamil Nadu: Key Players

  • Gujarat records 4,21,026 units sold.
  • Tamil Nadu closely follows with 4,19,189 units sold.

Regional Variances in Vehicle Preferences

  • Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra dominate the two-wheeler market.
  • Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also make significant contributions.
  • Maharashtra leads in passenger vehicle sales, with strong contenders like Gujarat and Karnataka.

Unveiling India’s Automobile Landscape

  • The SIAM data for October-December 2023 underscores the diverse landscape of India’s automobile industry, with Uttar Pradesh emerging as the leader in vehicle sales.
  • However, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu also play crucial roles in shaping the country’s automotive landscape.
  • Understanding these regional dynamics is essential for stakeholders seeking to navigate and thrive in India’s vibrant automobile market.

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