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US and UK Forge ‘Atlantic Declaration’ to Boost Economic Ties

The United States and the United Kingdom have recently unveiled a groundbreaking strategic pact known as the “Atlantic Declaration.” This agreement reaffirms their longstanding “special relationship” and outlines a joint effort to tackle challenges posed by Russia, China, and economic instability. Rather than pursuing a post-Brexit free-trade agreement, the two nations have opted to develop a new green economy through extensive industrial subsidies.

The Atlantic Declaration focuses on fostering industry collaboration in defense and renewable energy sectors to effectively respond to China’s growing competition. In addition, it acknowledges the need to address the threats of authoritarian states, disruptive technologies, non-state actors, and transnational issues like climate change. This article explores the key terms and implications of the Atlantic Declaration.

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Supply Chain Strengthening

Under the Atlantic Declaration, the United States and the United Kingdom have committed to strengthening their supply chains, making investments in each other’s industries, and jointly developing future technologies. This cooperation aims to enhance resilience, boost economic growth, and ensure strategic autonomy in critical sectors.

Clean Energy Partnership

The Atlantic Declaration includes the launch of a civil nuclear partnership between the US and UK. The primary objective is to promote clean energy cooperation and reduce reliance on Russian fuel sources. By collaborating on nuclear energy, both countries can work towards achieving their renewable energy goals while enhancing national security and energy independence.

Technology and Critical Minerals

Recognizing the importance of emerging technologies, the US and UK have agreed to collaborate on the safe development of AI technology. Additionally, negotiations for a critical minerals agreement are underway, enabling certain UK firms to access tax credits available under the US Inflation Reduction Act. The cooperation also extends to telecoms technology and quantum technologies, fostering innovation and advancement in these critical fields.

UK-US “Data Bridge”:

In a commitment to facilitate seamless data transfer between British and US businesses, the Atlantic Declaration introduces the concept of a UK-US “data bridge.” This agreement aims to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles and streamline data sharing, enabling greater collaboration and innovation between companies in both countries.

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