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Veteran Communist Party Leader Anathalavattom Anandan Passed Away


Veteran CPI(M) leader and former legislator Anathalavattom Anandan, who played a key role in building the trade union base for the party in the state, passed away at a hospital on Thursday. He was 86 years old. Anandan’s demise occurred while he was undergoing treatment at the Government Medical College hospital in Kerala for a prolonged illness.

Early Life and Entry into Politics

Anathalavattom Anandan was born in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram district, in 1937. His journey in the world of politics began in 1954 when he actively participated in an agitation advocating for higher wages for coir workers in his village. This early involvement laid the foundation for his lifelong dedication to the welfare of the working class.

In 1956, Anandan became a member of the undivided Communist Party of India (CPI) and remained steadfast even after the party split in 1964. His commitment to the principles of communism and his passion for workers’ rights were unwavering.

Building the Trade Union Base

Anandan’s significance in Kerala’s political landscape was primarily attributed to his role in building the trade union base for the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – CPI(M). His tireless efforts and dedication to the cause of the working class played a pivotal role in strengthening the party’s presence in the state.

As the state president of the Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU), Anandan led numerous agitations and campaigns, advocating for the rights of workers across various sectors, both organized and unorganized. His leadership and ability to mobilize workers contributed significantly to the growth of the CPI(M) in Kerala.

A Legislative Journey

Anathalavattom Anandan was not just a trade union leader; he was also a respected legislator. He was elected to the state assembly from the Attingal constituency three times, representing the people’s interests and championing the cause of the working class. His tenure in the legislative assembly, spanning 1987, 1996, and 2007, demonstrated his commitment to serving the people of Kerala.

A Voice in Debates

Anandan’s influence extended beyond the realm of trade unions and legislative chambers. He was a prominent face of the CPI(M) in televised debates, where he eloquently articulated the party’s positions and engaged in constructive dialogues on various political issues. His ability to communicate effectively made him a recognizable figure in Kerala’s political discourse.

Farewell and Condolences

Leaders from across the political spectrum, including Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Finance Minister K N Balagopal, Leader of Opposition in the state assembly V D Satheesan, and BJP state chief K Surendran, have expressed their condolences on the passing of Anandan. His legacy as a trade unionist, legislator, and CPI(M) stalwart will be remembered for generations to come, and his contributions to the betterment of the working class in Kerala will continue to inspire many.

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