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Veteran Marathi actress Seema Deo passes away at 81

Veteran actor Seema Deo, remembered for her roles in Anand and Kora Kagaz, passes in Mumbai due to age-related ailments, she was 81. Seema Deo acted in nearly 90 Hindi and Marathi movies in a career spanning over six decades from the black-and-white to the colour era of the Indian film industry. She is hugely remembered for her major role in the musical blockbuster ‘Anand’, along with her husband Ramesh, and Amitabh Bachchan among other actors. Some of her renowned Marathi films are ‘Jagachya Pathivar’, ‘Vardakshina’, among many others. She was last seen in ‘Jivan Sandhya’ released in 2021.

Here are some more details about Seema Deo’s career:

  • She was born Nalini Saraf on March 27, 1942, in Girgaum, Mumbai.
  • She made her film debut in the Marathi film “Jagachya Pathivar” in 1962.
  • She went on to act in over 90 Hindi and Marathi films, including “Anand” (1971), “Kora Kagaz” (1974), “Apradh” (1975), “Janaki” (1977), “Bezubaan” (1980), “Koshish” (1982), and “Sansar” (1987).
  • She was married to actor Ramesh Deo from 1966 until his death in 2021. They had two sons, actor Ajinkya Deo and director Abhinay Deo.
  • She was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2022.

Seema Deo was a versatile actress who could play a wide range of roles. She was known for her gentle and graceful persona, and she often played the role of the sweet sister, daughter-in-law, or mother. However, she was also capable of playing strong and complex characters, as evidenced by her performance in “Anand”.

She was a dedicated and hardworking actress who was passionate about her craft. She will be remembered as a talented and accomplished actor who made significant contributions to Hindi and Marathi cinema.

Here are some of her notable films:

  • Jagachya Pathivar (1962)
  • Anand (1971)
  • Kora Kagaz (1974)
  • Apradh (1975)
  • Janaki (1977)
  • Bezubaan (1980)
  • Koshish (1982)
  • Sansar (1987)
  • Jivan Sandhya (2021)

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