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Vice President Unveiled Postal Cover on Justice Reddy’s Centenary

India is set to pay a distinctive tribute to one of its legal luminaries, Justice Konda Madhav Reddy, as Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankar prepares to release a special postal cover on December 27th. This date marks the centenary of Justice Reddy’s birth, a momentous occasion celebrating his invaluable contributions to the Indian legal system. The ceremony is scheduled to take place at A.V. College in Gagan Mahal, Hyderabad, where Justice Reddy’s legacy will be commemorated.

The Venue

The AV College in Gagan Mahal will play host to this distinguished gathering, providing a fitting backdrop for commemorating the 100th anniversary of Justice Konda Madhav Reddy. The venue holds historical significance, echoing the spirit of justice and education that the late Chief Justice stood for throughout his illustrious career.

A Life of Legal Distinction

Justice Konda Madhav Reddy‘s illustrious career stands as a testament to his exceptional legal acumen and unwavering commitment to justice. Serving as the Chief Justice of the High Courts in both Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai, Justice Reddy played a pivotal role in shaping the legal landscape of the nation. Beyond the courtroom, he also held the prestigious office of the Governor of Maharashtra, highlighting his influential role in India’s governance.

A Tribute to a Legacy

The release of a special postal cover goes beyond a mere tribute; it symbolically encapsulates Justice Reddy’s life, work, and the values he upheld. This significant event is designed to ensure that his legacy is forever imprinted in the annals of India’s judicial history. The commemorative postal cover serves as a fitting tribute, immortalizing Justice Reddy’s profound impact on the Indian legal landscape.

Notable Attendees

The commemorative event is expected to draw a distinguished audience, including Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan and Chief Justice of Telangana, Alok Aradhe. Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, the chairman of the Justice Konda Madhav Reddy Foundation, underscores the importance of the occasion, emphasizing the enduring impact that Justice Reddy had on the field of law and governance in India.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. When is the special postal cover in honor of Justice Konda Madhav Reddy set to be released?
Sol. The special postal cover is scheduled to be released on December 27th.

Q2. Where will the commemorative ceremony take place?
Sol. The ceremony will be held at A.V. College in Gagan Mahal, Hyderabad.

Q3. What notable positions did Justice Konda Madhav Reddy hold during his career?
Sol. Justice Reddy served as the Chief Justice of the High Courts in Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai and held the office of the Governor of Maharashtra.

Q4. What is the significance of AV College in Gagan Mahal for the commemorative event?
Sol. AV College holds historical significance as the venue reflects the spirit of justice and education that Justice Konda Madhav Reddy championed.

Q5. Who is set to release the special postal cover honoring Justice Reddy?
Sol. Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankar is set to release the special postal cover.

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