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Vijayawada Railway Station Bags IGBC’s ‘Platinum’ Rating

The Vijayawada Railway Station has been awarded the prestigious platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for its commitment to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This is the highest recognition that can be bestowed by the IGBC, a leading certification body in India that promotes environmentally responsible construction.

The station’s previous gold rating, achieved in 2019, has been upgraded to platinum, reflecting the significant improvements made in various aspects of environmental performance. These improvements include:

  • Water conservation: The station has implemented rainwater harvesting systems and water-efficient fixtures, resulting in a reduction of water consumption by 20%.
  • Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances have been installed, leading to a 15% decrease in energy consumption.
  • Waste management: A comprehensive waste management system has been implemented, including segregation, recycling, and composting, resulting in a diversion of 80% of waste from landfills.
  • Green landscaping: The station has adopted sustainable landscaping practices, including the use of native plants and rainwater harvesting systems, which have reduced water consumption for irrigation by 30%.

About the Platinum rating

The platinum rating is a testament to the station’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its efforts to create a greener and more sustainable transportation hub. This recognition is also a source of pride for the South Central Railway (SCR) zone, as Vijayawada station is only the second station within the zone to achieve this prestigious rating. The station’s success in achieving platinum certification serves as an inspiration for other railway.

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