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Visakhapatnam to host 12th edition of MILAN naval exercise

The 12th edition of the MILAN naval exercise is poised to set sail in the strategic port city of Visakhapatnam from February 19 to 27, marking a significant gathering of naval forces from over 50 countries. This year’s theme, “Forging Naval Alliances for a Secure Maritime Future,” underscores the exercise’s commitment to enhancing global maritime security through cooperation and strategic dialogue. MILAN 2023 seeks to bolster the safety of maritime trade, a vital artery of the global economy, through shared efforts and expertise.

A Confluence of Global Navies

MILAN, a biennial event, has grown in stature and significance since its inception, becoming a pivotal forum for navies worldwide to exchange ideas and foster partnerships. The participation of more than 50 countries in this edition highlights the international community’s recognition of the importance of maritime security and the shared responsibility to safeguard it.

Harbour Phase: A Melting Pot of Maritime Cultures and Expertise

The initial phase of the exercise, scheduled from February 19 to 23, is set to be a vibrant showcase of maritime cultures and a hub for professional exchange. Activities planned during the Harbour Phase include:

International City Parade: A spectacle of naval pride, featuring delegations from participating countries.
International Maritime Seminar: A forum for discussing contemporary maritime security challenges and collaborative strategies to address them.
Maritime Tech Expo: An exhibition of the latest technological innovations in naval and maritime security.
MILAN Village: A cultural exchange space, offering insights into the diverse traditions of the participating navies.
Subject Matter Expert Exchange: An opportunity for in-depth discussions on best practices and tactical strategies.
Table Top Exercise: A strategic exercise aimed at enhancing planning and coordination skills among the participating forces.

Sea Phase: Demonstrating Naval Prowess

Following the Harbour Phase, the Sea Phase from February 24 to 27 will see the participating navies engage in a series of rigorous drills designed to test and enhance their operational capabilities. These exercises will cover:

  • Advanced Air Defence: Practicing interception and neutralization of aerial threats.Anti-Submarine Warfare: Simulating detection and engagement of underwater threats.
  • Anti-Surface Warfare: Tactics and maneuvers against surface vessels.
  • Gunnery Shoots: Live-fire exercises targeting aerial and surface objectives.
  • Maneuvers and Underway Replenishment: Coordinated navigation and resupply operations at sea.

These activities aim to foster interoperability among the navies, refining their ability to operate cohesively in complex scenarios.

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