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Vladimir Putin Declares Annexation Of 4 Ukrainian Regions by Russia

Annexation Of 4 Ukrainian Regions by Russia: Vladimir Putin has declared the Annexaton of 4 Ukrainian regions by Russia namely Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. The West has denounced the annexation of occupied Ukrainian territory by Russia as an illegitimate land grab after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed treaties. The president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy responded by unexpectedly submitting an application to join the NATO armed alliance. Vladimir Putin ‘s action and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ‘s signature of what he called a expedited NATO membership application sent the two leaders hurtling toward each other, raising the possibility of a full-scale battle between Russia and the West.

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Annexation Of 4 Ukrainian Regions by Russia: Key Points

  • At a Kremlin signing ceremony, Vladimir Putin reaffirmed his warning to use “all possible means” to safeguard the recently acquired parts of Ukraine.
  • Vladimir Putin again raged angrily against the West, charging that the United States and its allies wanted to destroy Russia.
  • Zelenskyy then organised his own signing ceremony in Kyiv and made a video of him signing what he claimed to be a legitimate application for NATO membership.
  • Vladimir Putin has made it quite obvious that any possibility of Ukraine joining the military alliance is one of his red lines and has used it as justification for his invasion, which has been going on for eight months and is the largest land conflict in Europe since World War II.

Ukraine Russia Conflict : Zelenskyy refuses to any Discussions with Putin

  • Vladimir Putin encouraged Ukraine to participate in peace negotiations in his address, but Putin emphasised that he would not bring up the subject of returning seized territory namely Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.
  • There would be no discussions with Putin, according to the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

Ukraine Russia Conflict : Putin accuses the West and NATO

  • Putin accused the West and NATO of inciting conflicts to transform Russia into a “colony” and a “crowd of soulless slaves” at his signing ceremony in the opulent St. George’s Hall of the Kremlin.
  • Tensions in the battle, which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries, were already at levels unseen since the Cold War when he took a more rigid stance.
  • An outpouring of outrage from world leaders, particularly those from the Group of Seven leading countries, followed, and the United States and the United Kingdom imposed additional penalties.

Russia Ukraine Conflict History

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Important Takeaways For All Competitive Exams:

  • Capital of Russia: Moscow
  • Capital of Ukraine: Kyiv
  • President of Russia: Vladimir Putin
  • President of Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  • Formation of Ukraine: 24 August 1991

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