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What is the Total Length of Chambal River?

The Chambal River, one of the significant waterways in India, traverses through the Malwa plateau and stands as a principal tributary of the Yamuna River. Known for its pristine waters and remarkable biodiversity, the Chambal River holds a pivotal position in the Gangetic drainage system, contributing to the ecological balance of the region.

Origin of Chambal River

The Chambal River originates from the Vindhya Range, located just south of Mhow in western Madhya Pradesh, India. Emerging from this rugged landscape, it begins its journey as a rainfed river, meandering through the Malwa plateau before eventually flowing northward into Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

What is the Total Length of Chambal River?

The Chambal River stretches across a total length of 960 kilometers, originating from the Vindhya Range, south of Mhow, in western Madhya Pradesh. From its source, it flows in a northern direction, cutting through southeastern Rajasthan. Further, it changes its course to the northeast, passing notable cities like Kota, and delineating the Rajasthan–Madhya Pradesh border. Eventually, it turns east-southeast, forming a significant portion of the Uttar Pradesh–Madhya Pradesh border, until it merges into the Yamuna River.

States Traversed by the Chambal River

Flowing through the heartland of India, the Chambal River traverses three Indian states: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Each state contributes to the river’s rich cultural and ecological heritage, making it a vital lifeline for the regions it passes through.

Main Tributaries of Chambal River

The Chambal River is nourished by several tributaries that augment its flow and contribute to its significance. The main tributaries of the Chambal include the Banas and Mej rivers on the left bank, while the Parbati, KaliSindh, and Shipra rivers join from the right bank. These tributaries not only enhance the river’s volume but also play a crucial role in sustaining the surrounding ecosystem.

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