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Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Chambal”?

Uttar Pradesh, the fourth-largest state in India, boasts a vast area covering 240,928 square kilometers, constituting 7.33% of India’s total landmass. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, the state holds significance in religious, spiritual, and historical contexts, alongside its culinary delights. With 75 districts, Uttar Pradesh stands as the most district-rich state in the country.

Districts of Uttar Pradesh

Each district in Uttar Pradesh possesses its unique characteristics, contributing to the state’s distinct identity. From the sprawling landscapes of Purvanchal to the cultural heritage of Bundelkhand, each region plays a vital role in shaping Uttar Pradesh’s cultural tapestry. Lakhimpur Kheri emerges as the largest district in terms of area, spanning 7,680 square kilometers, while Hapur stands as the smallest district, covering 660 square kilometers.

Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Chambal”?

Among Uttar Pradesh’s districts, Itawa holds the moniker of the “City of Chambal.” Situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, Itawa derives its significance from being the confluence point of the Chambal and Yamuna rivers. The region’s rugged terrains also add to its allure, earning it the colloquial title of “Chambal ka Shahar.”

Why Itawa is Known as the “City of Chambal”?

Itawa’s designation as the “City of Chambal” stems from its strategic location at the confluence of the Chambal and Yamuna rivers. While nestled along the banks of the Yamuna, Itawa also offers glimpses of the Chambal ravines, contributing to its dual identity. This unique geographical feature has earned Itawa its distinctive title in common parlance.

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