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Which Indian City is Known as “Banana City”?

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions, beliefs, religions, knowledge, and languages, each city having its own unique characteristics. Some cities are renowned for their cuisine, while others are known for their fashion. Additionally, many cities host local festivals that are celebrated nationwide, contributing to their distinctiveness and fostering the country’s identity on a global scale. In this series, we’ll delve into another city of India known by its nickname, shedding light on its significance.

Which Indian City is Known as “Banana City”?

Jalgaon, a city in Maharashtra, India, is famously known as the “Banana City.” It has earned this nickname due to its significant banana production, with an impressive annual yield of 70 tons per hectare. Jalgaon’s favorable geographical location, coupled with innovative agricultural techniques like drip irrigation, facilitates maximum banana cultivation. As a result, Jalgaon stands out as the leading producer of bananas in India.

Why is Jalgaon Known as the “Banana City”?

Jalgaon, situated in the western state of Maharashtra, India, is often referred to as the “Banana City.” It has earned this moniker due to its significant banana production. Every year, Jalgaon produces a staggering 70 tons of bananas per hectare, making it a major contributor to India’s banana supply.

Factors Behind High Banana Cultivation in Jalgaon

Jalgaon’s geographical location in the Western Ghats, approximately 300 kilometers away, contributes to its dry climate. However, banana cultivation requires a humid environment. Despite this, Jalgaon utilizes drip irrigation techniques for banana farming. Additionally, it plants 1500 to 1600 banana plants per acre.

States Leading in Banana Cultivation

Several states in India are renowned for banana cultivation, including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Each of these states contributes significantly to India’s banana production, with Maharashtra being a prominent player.

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