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Which is the Least Densely Populated District of Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh, often hailed as the heartland of India, holds the distinction of being the country’s fourth-largest state. With a total area spanning 240,928 square kilometers, it encompasses approximately 7.33% of India’s landmass. Moreover, it is also the most populous state in India, with a population exceeding 190 million as per the 2011 census. However, this figure has surged even further in recent years, crossing the 240 million mark by 2024. In this article, we will know about the district of Uttar Pradesh with lowest population density.

Which District of Uttar Pradesh has Lowest Population Density?

Lalitpur district in Uttar Pradesh holds the distinction of having the lowest population density in the state. Spanning an area of 5,039 square kilometers, Lalitpur boasts a population density of merely 242 people per square kilometer. Despite its rich cultural heritage and mineral resources, the district stands out for its sparse population, making it a unique facet of Uttar Pradesh’s demographic landscape.

An Overview of Lalitpur District

Lalitpur district, nestled within Uttar Pradesh, boasts a unique characteristic – its low population density. With a land area covering 5,039 square kilometers and a population density of merely 242 people per square kilometer, Lalitpur stands out amidst the densely populated regions of the state. The district’s gender ratio is reported at 917 females per 1,000 males.

District with Lowest Population Density – Renowned for Mineral Resources

Lalitpur district is renowned for its abundant mineral resources. It is particularly famous for its deposits of uranium and copper, making it a significant contributor to the state’s mining sector. Given its rich mineral reserves, Lalitpur is often referred to as the “Copper District” of Uttar Pradesh.

Lalitpur District – Home to Sahariya Tribe

One of the distinctive features of Lalitpur district is its diverse demographic composition. It is home to the Sahariya tribe, an indigenous community whose presence adds to the cultural mosaic of Uttar Pradesh. Encountering the Sahariya tribe is a rare experience in Uttar Pradesh, as they are predominantly concentrated in Lalitpur district.

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