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Why UNESCO wants a global smartphone ban in schools

UNESCO urged to ban the worldwide use of smartphones in schools in order to curtail classroom disruption and encourage better learning outcomes.

What’s in News

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has urged to prohibit the use of smartphones in schools, asserting the need for a more “human-centred vision” of education.


The main reason behind the UNESCO’s decision to worldwide prohibition on smartphones in schools is to reduce the dependence on digital technology and encourage better learning outcomes.

The excessive use of digital technology or smartphones in educational sector is likely to reduce the educational performance which adversely impacting the children emotional ability.


Excessive use of technology, including smartphones, tablets or laptops by students both in classrooms and at home, could let to distraction, disruption and potentially negative impact on learning.

According to the recent study of UNESCO, there is a negative link between excessive digital technology use and student performance.

Excessive use from Covid-19 Pandemic

 The Covid-19 pandemic forced a sudden shift to online. UNESCO estimated that more than a billion students globally had to adapt to online learning. But those who have no internet connection, found themselves at a disadvantage.

The report recognized that while online learning was crucial during the pandemic lockdowns, its benefits are not equally accessible to all.

Recommendations of UNESCO

UNESCO stated that the governments are doing very little to regulate an important aspect of society.  UNESCO recommended that the government should focus on the points to improve the education around the world with least use of digital technology. The Government should keep the learners first than anything else.

The UNESCO’s report stressed that not all advances in technology equate to progress, warning against blindly adopting digital means in education. It urged the policymakers to maintain a balance and not overlook the social dimension of education, which thrives to face-to-face teaching and interaction.

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