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World Athletics Day 2023 observed on 7th May

World Athletics Day 2023 observed on 7th May_4.1

World Athletics Day 2023

World Athletics Day, established by the International Amateur Athletic Federation, is celebrated on May 7th each year. The aim of this day is to promote sports and exercise as a means of preventing diseases and maintaining good health. The focus is on encouraging people to participate in athletics and other fitness activities to keep themselves healthy.

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Theme for World Athletics Day 2023

The theme for World Athletics Day 2023 is “Athletics for All – A New Beginning,” which focuses on promoting diversity and inclusivity in athletics and making sports accessible to people regardless of their gender, age, ability, or background. The primary aim of World Athletics Day is to encourage sports and physical activities worldwide, although the event’s theme may change every year.

In the past, World Athletics Day has adopted various themes, such as “Sports for Peace and Development” in 2021, “Stay active, stay healthy, stay connected” in 2020, “Training for life” in 2019, and “Excellence in Women’s Leadership” in 2018. The theme for World Athletics Day 2022 has not been announced yet.

Significance of World Athletics Day 2023

World Athletics Day 2023 holds a significant meaning as it coincides with the world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused various physical, emotional, and economic hardships globally. This day provides an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate their resilience and determination in overcoming the pandemic’s challenges.

History of World Athletics Day 2023 

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) created World Athletics Day in 1996 to promote the importance of sports for physical and mental well-being. Every year on May 7th, the IAAF hosts several activities to encourage people to engage in sports and exercise for their health. The purpose of these events is to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 

  • International Amateur Athletic Federation was founded in 1912;
  • President of the International Association of Athletics Federations: Sebastian Coe

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