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World Brain tumour Day 2022 observed on 8th June

World Brain tumour Day 2022 observed every year on 8th June_4.1

World Brain Tumour Day is observed every year on 8 June with an aim to create awareness about brain tumours. It is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in your brain. There are two types of brain tumors, noncancerous (benign), and cancerous (malignant). According to the National Health Portal, every day worldwide more than 500 new cases are diagnosed with a brain tumour. The day also pays tribute to brain tumour patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

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World Brain Tumour Day: Theme

In 2022, the theme of World Tumor Day is ‘Together We Are Stronger’.

World Brain Tumour Day: History

World Brain Tumor Day was first observed on June 8, 2000, by the German Brain Tumor Association (Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V.) for supporting brain tumour patients. It was founded in the year 1998 and has 500 registered members from 14 nations. The idea was to give support and raise funds to help Tumour patients and their families. The association advocates science and research, especially in neuro-oncology, to develop some effective treatments for brain tumours.

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World Brain tumour Day 2022 observed every year on 8th June_5.1

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