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World Cancer Day is observed globally on 04 February

World Cancer Day 2022: Is Observed Globally On 04 February_4.1

World Cancer Day is observed every year globally on 4th February by the Union for International Cancer Control. By raising worldwide awareness, improving education and catalysing personal, collective and government action, we are all working together to reimagine a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to life-saving cancer treatment and care is equitable for all – no matter who you are or where you live.

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So this year’s World Cancer Day’s theme, “Close the Care Gap”, is all about raising awareness of this equity gap that affects almost everyone, in high as well as low- and middle-income countries, and is costing lives.

History of the day:

The day came into existence on February 4, 2000, during the World Cancer Conference for the New Millennium in Paris, France.  Every year since then, people across the world observe World Cancer Day with a different theme to improve the quality of lives of cancer patients and to continue spread awareness on cancer, its prevention and treatment.

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