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World Drowning Prevention Day: 25 July

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World Drowning Prevention Day, declared through the April 2021 UN General Assembly Resolution “Global drowning prevention”, is held annually on 25 July. This global advocacy event serves as an opportunity to highlight the tragic and profound impact of drowning on families and communities and to offer life-saving solutions to prevent it.

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All the stakeholders, that include governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations, etc. are invited to mark this day by highlighting the need for action on proven measures that include:

  • Installing barriers that may control access to water
  • One must provide safe places that must be away from water for kids
  • Teaching swimming, water safety or other skills
  • Teaching bystanders about the safe rescue
  • Improving flood risk management.
  • Among all these precautions, basic life-saving skills are at times neglected. Here are 5 life-saving solutions to prevent drowning.

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