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World Press Freedom Index 2024 Announced, India Ranked 159th Out of 180 Countries

In the latest edition of the World Press Freedom Index published annually by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), India finds itself at a concerning position, ranking 159th out of 180 countries. This marks a slight improvement from its previous rank of 161, yet it still underscores significant challenges faced by journalists in the country. Surprisingly, India trails behind its neighboring nation Pakistan, which holds the 152nd position, while Sri Lanka stands at 150th place.

Norway topped the ranking, while Denmark was on the second rank in World Press Freedom Index. Sweden ranked third on the list.

Press Freedom Index Overview

The World Press Freedom Index evaluates 180 countries based on the freedom and independence journalists have to work and report. The rankings shed light on the varying degrees of press freedom across the globe. In the Asia-Pacific region, which ranks as the world’s second most challenging area for journalism, several countries, including Myanmar, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, are among the most dangerous for media personnel. Notably, no Asian country made it to the Index’s top 15 this year, indicating a pervasive challenge to press freedom in the region.

Press Freedom in South Asia

The recently released 2024 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has once again shed light on the state of press freedom across the globe. In South Asia, India finds itself ranked at 159th, while its neighbor Pakistan stands marginally higher at 152. Sri Lanka, another regional player, is positioned at 150. These rankings underscore the challenges journalists face in the region, where the ability to work and report independently is often compromised.

Changing Dynamic in Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific region, known for its complexities, presents a challenging landscape for journalists. Myanmar, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are among the top ten most dangerous countries for media personnel, reflecting the precarious environment journalists operate in. Notably, this year sees none of the region’s countries in the top 15 of the index, signaling a concerning trend for press freedom advocates.

Middle East and North Africa

In the Middle East and North Africa, press freedom concerns persist, with nearly half of the countries facing “very serious” situations. Countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria continue to grapple with challenges to journalistic freedom. The United Arab Emirates joins the list of countries in the red zone, highlighting widespread issues across the region.

Europe’s Role and Challenges

Contrastingly, Europe, particularly within the European Union, boasts countries where press freedom is considered “good.” However, challenges persist, with countries like Hungary, Malta, and Greece facing scrutiny for their treatment of the media. The adoption of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) reflects efforts to safeguard press freedom within the EU.

Global Trends and Concerns

The 2024 World Press Freedom Index reveals a worrying decline in the political indicator, one of five detailed indicators in the report. States and political forces are increasingly failing to protect press freedom, leading to hostile actions against journalists. The use of artificial intelligence, particularly in disinformation campaigns, poses a significant threat, with deepfakes being utilized to influence elections.

War Against Nature and Journalist Peril

Journalists covering environmental stories also face significant risks, with 44 journalists killed in the past 15 years while reporting on environmental issues. This underscores the dangers associated with reporting on critical global issues and the need to protect journalists working in these areas.

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