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World Space Week 2022 observed on 4-10 October

World Space Week 2022 observed on 4-10 October_4.1

World Space Week 2022:

World Space Week (WSW) is observed every year from October 4 to 10, to celebrate science and technology, and their contribution towards the betterment of the human condition. World Space Week aims to help people gain a wider knowledge about space outreach and education. This helps people around the globe understand what benefits they can receive from space and how they can use space for sustainable economic development. It also aims to celebrate and show public support for space programs.

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World Space Week 2022: Theme

The World Space Week 2022 theme is “Space and Sustainability” focusing on achieving sustainability in space and achieving sustainability from space. The theme is inspired by how sustainability in space relates to how humanity uses space, most pressingly, the orbital area surrounding Earth.

Space exploration and remote Earth observation can help drive change for our home planet. This includes measuring climate change, identifying pollution on land and at sea, and supporting agriculture in developing nations.

History of World Space Week:

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 4-10 to be celebrated as World Space Week. These dates were not randomly selected. October 4 marks the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1. When Sputnik 1 was launched into orbit in 1957, it opened the scope for space exploration. A decade later, on October 10, 1967, the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, was signed.

The first time this event was celebrated was in 2000. It focused on the theme – “Launching the Space Millennium.” In 2021, this event achieved a record scale. The week consisted of more than 6,418 events in 96 nations.

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