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World Sports Journalist Day 2023: Date, theme, Significance and History

World Sports Journalist Day is celebrated worldwide on July 2nd each year. Sports holds great significance in the overall growth of individuals, serving as both a recreational pursuit and a potential career path. Certain individuals possess a deep passion for both sports and journalism, leading them to pursue professions as “Sports Journalists.” The day honours the accomplishments of sports media professionals and motivates them to put more effort into spreading knowledge about sports among the general public. Many news firms host special events to honour sports journalists on this special day.

World Sports Journalist Day 2023- Theme

There is no particular theme for the celebrations of World Sports Journalist Day this year. The purpose is to recognize the efforts of individuals involved in sports journalism.

World Sports Journalist Day 2023-Significance

World Sports Journalist Day aims to promote and acknowledge the achievements of diverse sports journalists. It serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring individuals who aspire to pursue careers in this field. Numerous media organizations arrange special events to honor their sports journalists on this occasion. One of the primary objectives of celebrating World Sports Journalist Day is to raise global awareness about sports.

World Sports Journalist Day 2023-History

World Sports Journalist Day was instituted in 1994 by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) to mark the establishment of AIPS as an organization on July 2nd, coinciding with the Summer Olympics in Paris. Since its inception, this day has been dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of countless sports media professionals. It serves as a platform to honor their outstanding work in the field of sports journalism.

About the International Sports Press Association (AIPS)

The International Sports Press Association, or AIPS (abbreviated from its French name, Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive), has 160 national associations (including the NSMA in the US) throughout the world. Among its many aims, AIPS advocates for sports media rights, issues identification cards used by many international sporting events for credentialing, hosts programs for young sports journalists, and honors excellence through its international awards.
Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 
  • AIPS Executive Director: Dave Goren;
  • AIPS of Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • AIPS Founded in 1924.

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