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World Vegan Day observed on 01st November

World Vegan Day observed on 01st November_4.1

World Vegan Day 2022:

World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on November 1 to encourage people to follow the vegan lifestyle and spread awareness about veganism. The day is dedicated to the practice of abstaining from use of animal products and exploitation of animals. All across the world, World Vegan Day is celebrated a day after Halloween. Halloween falls on October 31, and a day after is celebrated as World Vegan Day to advocate the benefits of avoiding and banning the exploitation of animals, extending our love and care to other species and the natural environment.

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The theme of World Vegan Day 2022:

According to World Vegan Day, this year’s theme will be based on the animal rights-focused campaign ‘Future Normal’.

World Vegan Day 2022: Significance

  • Veganism is said to have existed for more than 2000 years. Prominent figures like Pythagoras, the famed Greek mathematician, and philosopher believed in veganism which commits to not harming animals ever.
  • A vegan diet includes the consumption of foods and products which are sourced from plants that do not harm animals. A vegan diet has several health benefits for humans and the environment as well. World Vegan Day is observed to raise awareness and promote the health advantages of a vegan diet.
  • World Vegan Day is observed throughout with small-scale carnivals, culinary festivals, and public gatherings.

World Vegan Day: History

World Vegan Day originated in England in 1994, when vegan animal rights activist Louise Wallis established the day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society. As the President of the Vegan Society, she emphasised the continued existence of a vegan association and draw attention to the fact that the word ‘vegan’ had found its way into the English language that year.

Since then, November 1, 1994, has been celebrated as the World Vegan Day providing an opportunity for all vegans around the world to celebrate and promote veganism with all its positive aspects.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is the practice of staying away from the use of animal products and extending the philosophy to banning of the commodification of animals. A person who follows this philosophy in his diet and lifestyle is known as a vegan.

There are various types of vegans. Dietary vegans are the ones who are extremely strict about not consuming any kind of animal products, be it meat, eggs, dairy products and other products from animals. An ethical vegan is the one who not only follows veganism in his diet but also in other aspects of life. Environmental vegans are people who avoid animal products on the premise of industrial farming of animals which is environmentally damaging.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Vegan Society Founded: November 1944;
  • Vegan Society Founders: Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley.

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