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World Veterinary Day 2022: 30th April

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World Veterinary Day is observed on the last Saturday of April every year. This year it falls on 30th April 2022. World Veterinary Association was established with an objective to provide global leadership for the veterinary profession and promote animal health and welfare and public health through advocacy, education, and partnership.

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The theme for World Veterinary Day 2022 is “Strengthening Veterinary Resilience”. This essentially means providing veterinary doctors with all kinds of help, and resources they require in their journey.

The main objective of the World Veterinary Association is to promote animal health & welfare and eradicate issues related to animal safety and the environment. Veterinarians play the role of advocates for animal health and welfare. Every year, World veterinary day is celebrated to praise the veterinarians for their work.

History of the day:

In 2001 World veterinary Association came up with World veterinary day. It all started with an international veterinary congress meeting led by a person named John Gamgee who was a veterinary college professor. This was the first international veterinary congress meeting which was held in 1863 in Hamburg Germany. This congress came to be addressed as World veterinary congress. Then in the 8th congress, a permanent committee was formed to create a link between these congresses. In the 15th congress which was held in Stockholm, the committee members realized to have an international organization and constitution. As a result of this meeting, in 1959 during the very next meeting held in Madrid, Spain the world witnessed the foundation of the World veterinary association.

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