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World’s Highest Weather Station Rebuilt on Mount Everest

The world’s highest altitude weather station was destroyed due to hurricane-force winds on Mount Everest and a team of scientists and Sherpa have again placed its new version atop Mount Everest. The group has been led by a 31-year-old electrician and mountain guide Tenzing Gyalzen Sherpa.

According to the Guinness World Records report, the team of mountaineers and scientists has installed a record-breaking weather station at an altitude of 8,810 meters just 39 meters (128 ft) below Everest’s summit.

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NatGeo installed World’s Highest Weather Station on Mt. Everest

World’s Highest Weather Station Rebuilt on Mount Everest – Key Points

  • The team started reinstallation of the world’s highest weather station as a part of National Geographic and Rolex’s ‘Return to Everest Expedition’ in May 2022.
  • During this period, Tenzing, Matthews, and Perry were joined by 12 other Sherpa to install a weather station on the world’s highest mountain.
  • Previously, the weather station was located on Everest’s Balcony, around 400 meters lower than the new one. Notably, it was the first-ever terrestrial weather station that was placed above 8,000 meters.
  • It is said that the rebuilding of the highest weather station was imperative because it was collecting information that could impact the lives of around 1.6 billion people as they rely on freshwater from the region.
  • In May 2022, the team started cleaning up the destroyed Balcony’s weather station and assembling its upgraded version.
  • Carrying different components of the weather station, the team reached Bishop Rock on May 9 in the chilly winter at -40°C.
  • The Sherpa had heated their hands with batteries, while Matthews had to sit out of the assembly station due to his frostbitten fingers.
  • They took around three hours in the weather station installation, which was later powered up by Tenzing.

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