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World’s ‘most criminal countries’ ranking: India behind US, UK at 77 spot

World's 'most criminal countries' ranking: India behind US, UK at 77 spot_4.1

World of Statistics has shared the ranking of the world’s “most criminal countries”. On the list, Venezuela has been ranked top, followed by Papua New Guinea (2), Afghanistan (3), South Africa (4), Honduras (5), Trinidad (6), Guyana (7), Syria (8), Somalia (9) and Jamaica (10), respectively.  India stood at 77 spots while the US and UK were ahead of India in the criminal ranking country. The USA was at 55th number and the UK at 65th rank, according to the World of Statistics. Turkey, Germany, and Japan were among the least criminal countries, ranking at 92nd, 100th, and 135th ranks.

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Separately, World Population Review (WPR) yesterday ranked Afghanistan in the fourth spot on the list of countries with the highest crime rate in 2023.It said that the country has the fourth-highest crime rate. more than 76 crimes are committed in Afghanistan for every 100,000 people. The crimes have various forms including corruption, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and assassination. Other forms of crimes could be robbery and assault due to the high unemployment rate in the country. In the report, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with the highest crime rates. The total number of crimes of any kind reported is divided by the total population, then multiplied by 100,000, which yields the overall crime rate (because the crime rate is typically reported as X number of crimes per 100,000 people).

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