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YES Bank goes live with UPI interoperability on CBDC

YES Bank, announced a significant development in the digital currency space by launching UPI interoperability on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) app. This move is poised to revolutionize digital transactions and expand the reach of the Digital Rupee (e₹) across the nation.

Enhancing Transactional Convenience:

Users can now seamlessly scan any UPI QR code through the YES Bank Digital Rupee app, simplifying transactions and making digital payments more accessible and user-friendly.

Commitment to Digital Innovation:

This milestone reaffirms YES Bank’s unwavering commitment to driving digital innovations and providing a diverse range of transactional options to users nationwide.

Evolution of the Digital Rupee:

The journey of the Digital Rupee began with the first pilot in the Digital Rupee Wholesale Segment (e rupee W) on November 1, 2022, followed by the announcement of the first pilot for retail Digital Rupee (e rupee-R) on December 1, 2022. The retail Digital Rupee offers the trust, safety, and settlement finality associated with physical cash but in a digital form.

Unique QR Code Mechanism:

This initiative introduced a pioneering digital currency system built on a unique QR code mechanism for conducting transactions. As digital transactions continue to evolve, the need for flexibility and universal adaptability becomes increasingly vital.

CBDC Integration with UPI QR Codes:

By integrating the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) with UPI QR codes, the e-rupee gains a broader platform, positioning itself as a staple in daily transactions. This strategic move not only strengthens the e-rupee but also seamlessly integrates it with the widely-adopted UPI system, which boasts an overall merchant base of 150 million.

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