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Yuki Bhambri thrilled with maiden ATP doubles title


Indian tennis player Yuki Bhambri made a remarkable breakthrough in his career by capturing his maiden title on the ATP World Tour. Partnering with South African player Lloyd Harris, Bhambri secured the doubles trophy at the Mallorca Championships. The Indo-South African duo displayed exceptional skill and resilience to defeat the Dutch-Austrian pair of Robine Hasse and Philipp Oswald in a thrilling final on the grass courts. This victory serves as a significant milestone for Bhambri, whose singles career has been hampered by injuries. By transitioning to doubles, Bhambri aims to prolong his tennis career and make a mark in the competitive world of doubles tennis.

Straight Sets Victory on Grass

Bhambri and Harris demonstrated their proficiency on grass courts by claiming a straight-sets victory in the final. The duo showcased excellent shot selection, precise net play, and solid groundstrokes throughout the match. They outmaneuvered their opponents, executing a variety of strategic shots to maintain control of the match. The 6-3, 6-4 score against the Dutch-Austrian pair of Robine Hasse and Philipp Oswald in the final match highlights the pair’s dominance and their ability to stay composed under pressure.

Career-Best Ranking for Bhambri

With this momentous win, Yuki Bhambri will experience a significant boost in his ranking. Currently positioned at 75 in the world, the Indian tennis star is set to achieve a career-best ranking of 58. This achievement not only reflects Bhambri’s remarkable progress but also serves as a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport. The increased ranking will provide him with greater opportunities to compete at prestigious tournaments and face top-ranked players.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Yuki Bhambri is the first Indian to win the junior Australian Open title.
  • Lloyd Harris is ranked World’s No. 31 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals.
  • Andrea Gaudenzi, an Italian former tennis player is the current chairman of the Association of Tennis Professionals(ATP).

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