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2nd CII India Nordic Baltic Business Conclave 2023

The 2nd edition of the CII India Nordic Baltic Business Conclave is taking place in New Delhi on 22-23 November 2023. This initiative, in collaboration with the MEA, GOI, aims to foster collaboration between India and the Nordic Baltic Eight (NB8) countries, known for their prowess in innovation and technology.

Focus Areas: Navigating Key Sectors for Growth

The conclave is strategically designed to facilitate dialogue among diverse stakeholders. Its primary focus is on key sectors, providing a platform for discussions that can potentially lead to groundbreaking partnerships. The event will also lay the groundwork for potential policy changes, fostering an environment conducive to impactful collaborations.

The Nordic Baltic Eight (NB8): A Technological Powerhouse

The NB8, comprising Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden, represents a formidable force in innovation and technology. This collaboration holds immense promise, especially given India’s increasing emphasis on technology as a driver of economic growth.

Opportunities for Indian Industry: Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Technology Transfer

The conclave recognizes the vast opportunities for Indian industries to form partnerships and joint ventures, as well as enter into technology transfer agreements with institutions and enterprises in the NB8 region. This presents a unique chance for India to tap into the expertise and advancements of the Nordic Baltic countries.

Addressing Knowledge Gaps: Meeting India’s Information Needs

India, in its pursuit of greater market knowledge, specific procedures, and compliance norms, can leverage the expertise of the NB8 region. The conclave aims to bridge these knowledge gaps, offering a platform for information exchange that benefits both Indian businesses and their Nordic Baltic counterparts.

Optimism in Investment: Nordic Baltic Investors Eye India’s Growth

Nordic Baltic investors express optimism about India’s medium-term growth prospects. This positive outlook sets the stage for meaningful discussions and collaborations during the conclave.

Event Highlights: A Holistic Approach to Collaboration

  1. B2B Meetings: Facilitating one-on-one interactions to foster meaningful business connections.

  2. Sectoral Breakout Sessions: In-depth discussions on specific sectors to identify collaborative opportunities.
  3. Industry and Trade Delegations: Promoting the exchange of ideas and practices through delegations.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Creating a conducive environment for networking among participants.

Partner Country Spotlight: Faroe Islands

In addition to the NB8 countries, the conclave will shine a spotlight on the Faroe Islands, offering a comprehensive view of opportunities for collaboration with this dynamic region.

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