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Global IndiaAI Summit 2024: Empowering Responsible AI Development and Adoption

The ‘Global IndiaAI Summit 2024’ commences today in New Delhi, hosted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This two-day event aims to position India as a global leader in AI innovation while promoting ethical and inclusive AI advancement. It will feature sessions on IndiaAI’s strategic pillars, including compute capacity, datasets platform, innovation centers, and skills development.

Day 1: Advancing AI Application and Governance

Sessions will explore topics like ‘IndiaAI: Large Language Models’ and ‘GPAI Convening on Global Health and AI’. These discussions will delve into leveraging AI for linguistic diversity and healthcare in underserved regions, highlighting India’s role in inclusive AI innovation.

Day 2: Nurturing Talent and Scaling Innovations

Focus shifts to ‘Empowering Talent through AI Education & Skilling’ and ‘AI for Global Good: Empowering the Global South’. These sessions aim to bridge the AI skills gap and foster inclusive AI development, reflecting India’s commitment to equitable global AI access.

IndiaAI Mission: Driving Technological Advancement

IndiaAI’s mission focuses on democratizing access to AI computing, improving data quality, fostering innovation, supporting startups, and ensuring safe and trusted AI development. This holistic approach aims to drive socio-economic growth through responsible AI initiatives.

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