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A Celebration of Language Diversity: Amar Ekushey in Bangladesh

Bangladesh observes Amar Ekushey on February 21st, a day to remember the people who died fighting for Bangla to be an official language in 1952. This event led to significant changes in the country.

Honouring the Martyrs

Early on February 21st, the President and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh placed wreaths at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka. This act starts a day of tribute to those who lost their lives for the language movement. The Amar Ekushey song is played, adding to the solemn atmosphere.

Nationwide Commemoration

Eminent public figures, government ministers, and citizens from various walks of life gathered at the national Shaheed Minar to pay their respects. This included the chief of the three services, members of the diplomatic corps, freedom fighters, and civil and military officials. The heartfelt tribute continued with hundreds, including students, youth, the elderly, and families, visiting memorials across Bangladesh to honour the language martyrs.

Cultural and Media Engagements

Various social and cultural organizations, alongside TV channels and media outlets, have organized special programs to commemorate this day. These initiatives aim to educate and remind the populace of the significance of Amar Ekushey and the sacrifices made for the Bangla language.

National Observance

The national flag was flown at half-mast across all government and autonomous organizations, signifying the solemnity of the day. Strict security measures were enforced to ensure the peaceful observance of the tributes.

International Recognition

Significantly, Amar Ekushey also coincides with International Mother Language Day, emphasizing the global importance of preserving and respecting linguistic diversity and heritage. This international observance underscores the universal right to use one’s mother tongue and celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity worldwide.

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