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Bhopal Athletes Conquer the World’s Highest Frozen Lake Marathon

In a remarkable display of endurance and determination, Bhagwan Singh and Mahesh Khurana from Bhopal have completed the Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon 2024, held in Leh-Ladakh. Known for its extreme conditions, this marathon is celebrated as the ‘World’s Highest Frozen Lake Marathon.’ The event unfolded on February 20, amidst heavy snowfall, at an altitude of 18,680 feet with temperatures plunging to -15°C, posing an ultimate challenge to the participants.

A Milestone for Madhya Pradesh

Bhagwan Singh is not new to conquering heights; he is the first mountaineer from Madhya Pradesh to scale Mount Everest. This achievement further solidifies his reputation as an athlete of extraordinary caliber. The marathon, organized by the Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh with support from the Administration Union Territory of Ladakh and the 14 Corps of the Indian Army, witnessed participation from 120 runners across seven countries, competing in 21 km and 10 km categories.

A Festival of Marathons

In addition to the icy challenge in Ladakh, marathon spirit buzzed in other parts of India. The RCC Magnum Foundation hosted a marathon with around 2,500 participants across various distances, celebrating community and fitness. Similarly, Gurgaon is gearing up for its first marathon with international certification, expecting around 8,000 participants, signaling a growing interest in marathon running as a sport and a lifestyle choice in India.

Lifestyle Transformation Through Running

The narrative of Pooja and Sandeep, a couple who transformed their lives through running, underscores the profound impact of this sport. Participating in marathons has not only improved their health but also introduced them to a community of like-minded individuals. Their journey from casual runners to becoming pacers in the L&T Sea Bridge Marathon exemplifies the transformative power of running.


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