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A new book title “Living Mountain” by Amitav Ghosh

A new book title "Living Mountain" by Amitav Ghosh_4.1

“The Living Mountain” is a new story by Jnanpith winner and internationally renowned author Amitav Ghosh, written during the course of the pandemic. It is a fable for the current times: a cautionary tale of how humans have systematically exploited nature, leading to an environmental collapse.

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HarperCollins Publishers India will publish The Living Mountain as a special standalone edition in January 2022 under its prestigious Fourth Estate imprint. The book will also be published simultaneously in Hindi, and as an ebook and an audiobook.

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A new book title "Living Mountain" by Amitav Ghosh_5.1

A new book title "Living Mountain" by Amitav Ghosh_6.1

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