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‘AGNI’ Initiative to Promote Innovations by Ayurveda Practitioners

In a pioneering move towards fostering innovation and research in Ayurveda, the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda Sciences (CCRAS), under the Ministry of Ayush, has introduced the “Ayurveda Gyan Naipunya Initiative” (AGNI). This initiative is strategically designed to encourage Ayurveda practitioners to contribute, document, and validate innovative medical practices for the betterment of educational and academic realms.

Objectives of AGNI: Nurturing Innovation and Evidence-Based Practice

1. Platform for Reporting Innovations:

AGNI serves as a dedicated platform for Ayurveda practitioners to share their innovative practices and experiences across diverse disease conditions.

2. Culture of Evidence-Based Practice:

Emphasizing the importance of scientific validation, AGNI aims to instill a culture of evidence-based practice among Ayurveda professionals.

3. Documentation of Therapeutic Regimens:

CCRAS will systematically document and publish successful therapeutic regimens reported by practitioners. This valuable information is intended for educational and academic purposes.

4. Capacity Building and Collaboration:

AGNI seeks to identify interested Ayurveda practitioners for collaboration in creating a comprehensive database. This involves application submissions and capacity building through research method training and adherence to good clinical practices.

5. Research for Mainstreaming Pragmatic Practices:

AGNI plans to validate pragmatic Ayurveda practices through rigorous research methodologies, thereby bringing them into mainstream medical practices. This involves collaboration with practitioners and relevant institutes.

Implementation and Application Process

Ayurveda practitioners eager to participate in AGNI are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI format is available on the official CCRAS website. The deadline for submission is December 15, 2023.

Role of CCRAS: Documenting, Validating, and Facilitating Research

  • CCRAS will oversee the documentation and publication of reported medical practices and therapeutic regimens.\This information will be made accessible for educational and academic purposes.
  • The documentation process will be conducted in consultation with the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM).
  • CCRAS may embark on further research studies to scientifically validate reported practices, fostering collaboration with practitioners and relevant institutes.

In essence, AGNI is set to kindle a new era in Ayurveda, leveraging innovation, evidence-based practices, and collaborative research to elevate the standing of traditional Ayurvedic medicine in contemporary healthcare. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of integrating ancient wisdom with modern scientific rigor.

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