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Agnikul Cosmos Begins Integration of its First Satellite Rocket

Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos has commenced the integration process of its groundbreaking launch vehicle, Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator), with its private launchpad situated at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. While the exact launch date remains undisclosed, the recent event marks a pivotal milestone in Agnikul Cosmos’s pursuit of space innovation.

The Ingenious Agnibaan SOrTeD Launch Vehicle

  • The Agnilet engine, a marvel of innovation, is an entirely 3D-printed, single-piece, 6 kN semi-cryogenic engine. This innovative propulsion system marks a departure from conventional rocket engines and showcases Agnikul Cosmos’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology.
  • Unlike traditional sounding rockets that follow guide rails during launch, the Agnibaan SOrTeD will ascend vertically and meticulously follow a predetermined trajectory. Throughout its flight, the launch vehicle will execute a precisely choreographed sequence of maneuvers, a series of events meticulously configured to validate key technologies pivotal to the success of the company’s upcoming orbital flights.
  • Distinguished by its revolutionary features and propelled by Agnikul’s proprietary Agnilet engine, this single-stage launch vehicle is set to redefine space travel.

About AgniKul Cosmos Private Limited

  • AgniKul Cosmos Private Limited, an Indian aerospace manufacturer headquartered at the National Center for Combustion R&D of IIT Madras in Chennai, emerges as a pioneering space technology start-up.
  • Established in 2017 with a resolute vision, AgniKul Cosmos aims to create and launch its independent small-lift launch vehicle, exemplified by the Agnibaan model, designed to deploy payloads of up to 100 kg into orbits spanning 700 km.
  • The company is deeply committed to transforming space accessibility through its cutting-edge innovations.

Key takeaways for competitive examination

  • CEO of AgniKul Cosmos Private Limited: Srinath Ravichandran

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Agnikul Cosmos begins integration of its first satellite rocket_5.1