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Agribazaar Launches Kisan Safalta Card for Agri Financing

Agribazaar is a private sector electronic Agri mandi, launched ‘Agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card’. The Agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card is a quick and easy way to help farmers to meet their pre- and post-harvest farm requirements and allied expenses. Farmers can use Agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card to get financing. The funds provided can only be used to buy farm inputs and requirements.

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Key Points related to Agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card

  • The card has a 12-month repayment period, which provides enough time to pay off the balance.
  • The crop yield of each farmer determines the card’s limit, the financing scale, and maintenance costs.
  • The amount of the card is adjustable for marginal farmers, which ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000.
  • The maximum limit of the Agribazaar Kisan Safalta Card can be increased annually based on crop yield and repayments.
  • The repayment plan can be rescheduled if crop damage occurs as a result of natural disasters.
  • Once the harvest is completed, farmers can repay the loan.

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