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Air India Appoints Jayaraj Shanmugam as Head of Global Airport Operations

Air India has appointed Jayaraj Shanmugam, an industry veteran with 25 years of experience spanning across airlines, airports, and telecom industries, as the Head of Global Airport Operations. This decision comes amidst the airline’s efforts to enhance its operations and customer experience as part of the Vihaan.AI transformation journey.

Shanmugam’s Expertise and Role

Expertise in Customer Experience and Operations: Jayaraj Shanmugam brings distinctive expertise in driving excellence in customer experience and airport operations, gained through his extensive career with renowned airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Jet Airways.

Expectations and Goals: His appointment is expected to significantly enhance Air India’s airport operations and pave the way for achieving milestones in the Vihaan.AI transformation journey.

Restructuring and Organizational Changes

Employee Layoffs and Reassignments: Air India, under the Tata Group’s ownership, recently laid off more than 180 non-flying employees as part of organizational restructuring. The company reassigned roles based on organizational needs and individual merit, with a focus on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee Evaluation Process: A comprehensive evaluation process was undertaken over the past 18 months to assess the suitability of all employees. This process included offering voluntary retirement schemes and reskilling opportunities, with 1% of the employee base ultimately being laid off due to their inability to utilize these opportunities.

Air India’s History and Recent Transition

Historical Background: Founded by JRD Tata in 1932, Air India has a rich history and has established a robust network of flights both domestically and internationally.

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